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Finding Aids
A finding aid is a descriptive guide to the content of a collection. The guide describes the origin, background, contents, and arrangement of a collection. It also includes a folder listing of the contents.

Processed Collections
The alphbetical links below lead to an annotated list of all processed collections with links to the finding aids.

Finding Aids by Collection Type

  Manuscript Collections
  Photograph Collections
  Small Manuscript Collections
  Biography Files
  Oral History Collection
  Microfilm Collection



Manuscripts - G-I

Call No. MS FM MSS 22
8.7 cubic feet
The John W. Galbreath Development Corporation, of Columbus, Ohio, acquired property from the Kennecott Copper Corporation to develop the town of Kearny, Arizona. The Corporation developed other townsites in Gila and Pinal counties as well. Orme Lewis, Sr., from the law firm of Lewis and Roca, served as legal council for the Corporation. Contains correspondence, maps, blueprints and news clippings related to the development of Kearny, Arizona. Finding Aid

Call No. MS FM MSS 136
3 linear feet
By an order on June 3, 1996 from the Arizona Superior Court, the Arizona Historical Foundation was mandated to keep a permanent copy of all records relating to water rights and the Gila River Indian Community. Periodically, records will be sent to the Foundation to be arranged and preserved. This is an active collection.

These records contain documents relevant to the Gila River Indian Community and water rights issues. Copies of these materials were donated by several state agencies and private entities which include; Arizona Department of Water Resources, Arizona General Stream Adjudication, Cox and Cox Attorneys, Gookin Engineers Ltd., and Salt River Project (SRP). Finding Aid

Call No. FP FPC 9
5 linear feet

In 1923 Charles Gilliland purchased Phoenix Date and Citrus Properties, which later became Gilliland Groves. The 108-acre date palm and citrus ranch backed-up to the canal on 45th Street and Hazelwood, near present day Arcadia High School in Phoenix. In addition to a ranch in Phoenix, the couple built a residence in Oracle, called El Rancho Robles (The Oak Ranch). The Gillilands also built St. Helen’s Church in Oracle in 1927.  This collection documents the Gilliland family, their homes, farms, and daily ranch life in southern Arizona. Finding Aid


GILBERT, HUGH C. 1913-1934
Call No. MS FM MSS 66

.5 cubic feet
Judge, construction engineer, state senator and civic leader. Consists primarily of Maricopa County government reports, as well as documents and correspondence relating to personal and business matters. Includes a variety of printed matter, some which feature Gilbert's campaign advertising.
Finding Aid


This collection has been transferred to the Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records.
1901 West Madison • Phoenix, AZ 85009 • Map
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Please call 602-926-3720 before your visit to confirm reading room hours and to arrange for materials to be pulled in advance.

Political scientist, historian administrator and professor at Phoenix College. Newspaper clippings on many aspects of Arizona history. Finding Aid


Call No. FM MSS 156
1.5 linear feet
The novels in this collection were collected by Barry Goldwater and reflect his early and ongoing interest in tales of the Old West. They include Wild West adventure and detective stories. The collection contains 67 dime novels, dating from 1881-1920. Finding Aid


Call No. FP FPC 2
4 linear feet
Senator Barry M. Goldwater's interest in the people and places of Arizona ran deep and he decided to build his own historical record of the state. He carried a camera with him everywhere he went and it became an extension of Goldwater himself. Instructed by local photographer Tom Bate, inspired by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, Goldwater developed a talent for photography that would be recognized worldwide. The topics span a number of Goldwater’s interests including Arizona, the Grand Canyon, landscapes, and Native Americans. This collection also includes Goldwater photographs from the Heard Museum’s holdings and the photographs compiled for the production of Goldwater’s book Delightful Journey. Finding Aid


Call No. FM MSS 1
1180 linear feet
The personal and political papers of Barry Goldwater span over 100 years. In addition to extensive legislative, personal correspondence and campaign files, the collection includes microfilm, photographs, audio-visual material, artifacts, cartoons, clippings, albums, and memorabilia. Organized into seven series: Series I: Personal; Series II: 1964 Campaign; Series III: Legislative; Series IV: Constituent Service; Series V: Administrative; Series VI: Media; Series VII: Memorabilia. Finding Aid


Call No. FP FPC 1
8 linear feet
Senator Barry M. Goldwater was an avid collector of Western Americana including the historic photographs in this collection. He loved the topography and romance of the West and sought to collect images to represent this ideal. Though considered a hobby, his collecting also served the greater purpose of documenting the history of Arizona. The photographs cover a variety of subjects pertaining to Arizona. These include views of desert flora and fauna, landscapes, military, mining, Native Americans, agriculture, buildings, street scenes, transportation, and various people and places. Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 8
41 linear feet
Goldwater, esteemed uncle of Senator Barry M. Goldwater, was born in London, England in 1852. His childhood was spent with his family in California where he studied and apprenticed to become a merchant. In 1867, Morris came to Arizona. He assisted in the operations of the Goldwater stores in La Paz, Ehrenberg, and Phoenix. In 1876, after the closure of the Phoenix store, Morris and his brothers Henry and Baron opened a store in Prescott, Arizona.

Morris was the mayor of Prescott on and off for a total of 20 years. His political career also included roles as councilman of Prescott, member of the 12th Territorial Council of Yavapai County, Chairman of the Territorial Democratic Central Committee, Supervisor of Yavapai County, President of the 20th Territorial Legislature, and Vice President of the Arizona Constitutional Convention.

The collection is arranged into eight series: Series I: Personal; Series II: Correspondence; Series III: Political; Series IV: Masonic; Series V: Financial; Series VI: Memorabilia; Series VII: Oversized, Financial; and Series VIII: Oversized, General. Finding Aid

GOODALE, ROY L. 1850-1879
Call No. MS FM MSS 131
1 linear foot
Roy Goodale served in the Army Air Forces as a private, captain and sergeant and was an instructor in the Air Science Department at the State University of Iowa, now known as the University of Iowa.

This collection contains research notes on prominent Arizonans such as Herman Ehrenberg, Edmund Wells and Charles D. Poston. Research files contain correspondence, transcriptions, and copies of original documents. Of interest are letters or copies of letters written by Arizona Senator Carl Hayden to various institutions inquiring about materials on Charles Poston. Also included is Goodale’s unpublished manuscript on Charles D. Poston.
Finding Aid

Call No. MS FM MSS 134
1 linear foot
This collection contains items primarily about Thomas A. Goodnight and information on the famous trailblazer and rancher, Colonel Charles Goodnight.

Records in Series I relate to Thomas A. Goodnight and include information on his employment with Valley National Bank, his interest in horse racing, and his personal memberships. Also included is a folder of Stewart Cameron cartoons, a Canadian cartoonist who depicted the cowboy way of life in his drawings.

Series II contains information on Colonel Charles Goodnight. Of interest is a folder of photographs of the Goodnight ranch in Texas, herds of buffalo, and a possible photograph of the Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.
Finding Aid

GOSNELL, ROBERT E. (1908-1994)
Call No. MS FM MSS
6 linear feet
Robert E. Gosnell was born August 4, 1908 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. In 1919 his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout the 1920s, he held a wide range of jobs including construction worker for the Montgomery Stadium and the Horse Mesa and Coolidge Dams. He joined the Phoenix National Bank in 1928.
In 1938, Gosnell left the bank and began construction on the Green Gables Restaurant. Using his previous labor experience, Gosnell personally worked on the construction of the Green Gables Restaurant. Over the years Gosnell branched into other areas of business. He opened Sherwood Investment Company and Gosnell Builders which oversaw the construction of the Pointe Hilton Resort. Gosnell also acquired land for KOY Radio, KXIV Radio, and the Southern Broadcasting Company.

This collection is arranged into four series. Series I: Personal; Series II: Business; Series III: News Clippings; Series IV: Photos. Finding Aid

This collection has been transferred to the University of Arizona's Special Collections. Please call 520-621-6423 before your visit to confirm reading room hours and to arrange for materials to be pulled in advance.

The Greene Cattle Company was established by Colonel William Greene in 1901 and encompassed hundreds of thousands of acres in the state of Arizona. The collection documents the legal and financial history of the company, including the early land transactions that made up the Greene Empire. The company thrived for over seven decades until its dissolution in 1973. Of note, included in the collection are documents pertaining to the Baca Float, J.G. Boswell & Co., and the San Rafael land grants of southern Arizona. The collection is arranged into five series: Series I: Legal, Series II: Financial, Series III: Correspondence, Series IV: Maps, Series V: Oversized. Finding Aid

Call No. MS FM MSS 15
1 linear foot
This collection contains materials collected by Daniel Hall while working on his Master’s thesis on Arizona artists involved in the federal governments Public Works of Art Project.  It consists of the correspondence authored by Mr. Hall conducted during all stages of his thesis work, collections of publications collected by the researcher, profiles of Arizona artists involved in the PWAP, and other research materials.  Included in those files are documents from the files of Karel Yasko, former Fine Arts Counselor & Historic Preservationist for the Government Services Agency, and art scholar Dr. Francis V. O’Connor, expert on American Murals. Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 10
2 cubic feet
Early settlers of Phoenix, Arizona. Consists of personal reminiscences of Mabel Hancock Latham, personal correspondence from Senator Barry Goldwater, her pupil; pamphlets and photocopies of irrigation information written by William Augustus and Henry L. Hancock. Finding Aid


Call No. FPC 11
.5 linear feet

This collection consists of over 75 photographs, ranging from fair to good condition. The collection is organized by subject, then chronologically within. The bulk of the family photographs are of Mabel Hancock Latham. Collection contains a Hancock family tree. Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 121
6 linear feet
Former physician, real estate developer and civic leader in the mid 20th century, Phoenix, Arizona. Contains scrapbooks, photograph albums, photographs, loose ephemera and artifacts dating from the 1880s to the 1990s, focusing mainly on the Harber and Hunter families, including niece Irene Harber. Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 79

1.75 cubic feet
Arizona banker, businessman and philanthropist. Consists of papers and documents ranging from the 1870s to the 1950s dealing with mining, banking, real estate and other Arizona topics. Divided into six series: Bull Dog Mining and Milling Association; Arizona mining miscellany; Banking; Real estate; W.E. Hazeltine correspondence; Miscellaneous.
Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 111
2.5 linear feet
Author. Libertarian. Welder. Survivalist.  Philosopher.  Folk Hero. Karl Hess began his colorful career writing for politically conservative publications and eventually became Senator Goldwater’s speech writer.  Both men shared a sense of humor and thirst for independence. This collection documents Hess’s early writings and his political journey from the Right to the New Left and beyond.  He enjoyed a loyal following among libertarians which endures today. The collection is arranged in three series: Series I: Personal; Series II: Correspondence; and Series II: Writings. Finding Aid


HEAD, WADE 1942-1944
Call No. MS FM MSS 118
2 linear feet
Area director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and director of the Colorado River War Relocation Center (Poston). Consists of correspondence, reports, notes, speeches and essays relating to the administration of the War Relocation Authority camps in general and the Poston camp, specifically. Includes items related to the daily activities and transactions in these communities, the federal investigation into unamerican activities. Also includes 109 photographs, five paintings of Poston and the vicinity, books relating to the WRA, and a color film of the construction of the center and the arrival of its first residents. Finding Aid

A Celebration of the Human Spirit.
Images from the Wade Head collection have been mounted online as part of the Arizona Memory Project, established by the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records.

Call No. MS FM MSS 80

2.75 cubic feet
Retired professor of history at Arizona State University with areas of specialization including 20th century American history, the American Civil War and Arizona. Consists of materials regarding professional and personal aspects of the academic career of a faculty member of the History Department of Arizona State University. Divided into seven series: 1. Published articles and manuscripts; 2. Book reviews; 3. Lectures and speeches; 4. Correspondence; 5. Professional files; 6. Miscellaneous; 7. Research files. Finding Aid


HUBBELL Jr., LORENZO 1933-1957
This collection has been transferred to the Cline Library at Northern Arizona University. Please call  928-523-5551 before your visit to confirm reading room hours and to arrange for materials to be pulled in advance.

Son of the famous Indian trader, Lorenzo Hubbell; wholesale dealer in Navajo rugs, Hopi pottery and other Indian curios. Consists primarily of record books dealing with Lorenzo Hubbell, Jr.'s wholesale business in Navajo rugs, Hopi pottery and other Indian curios in Winslow, Arizona.
Finding Aid


Call No. MS FM MSS 120
3.25 linear feet
Estmer W. Hudson was an Arizona pioneer who played an important role in the development of Arizona's agricultural resources especially in the development of Pima cotton. Hudson worked for the United States Department of Argriculture in Sacaton, Arizona and was assigned to assist in the production of cotton, particularly in the Salt River Valley. In 1916 he assisted in the introduction of a new Egyptian cotton known as Pima. Consists of correspondence, USDA bulletins, reports on the various aspects of cotton production. Finding Aid