Arizona Historical Records And Archives

Arizona historical records are documents, photographs, maps, and other materials that provide information about the history of the state of Arizona. These records can include a wide range of topics, including the state’s founding, territorial and statehood eras, mining and ranching industries, Native American culture and history, and many other aspects of Arizona’s past.

Some examples of Arizona historical records include:

  • Territorial and state government records, including legislative records, executive orders, and court records
  • Military records, including enlistment and discharge records, muster rolls, and pension files
  • Census records and other demographic data
  • Land and property records, including homestead and mining claim records
  • Business and industry records, including records of mining companies, ranching operations, and other enterprises
  • Photographs, maps, and other visual materials documenting the history of the state.

Arizona’s historical records are preserved and made available to researchers by a number of institutions, including the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records; the Arizona Historical Society; and various county and local historical societies.