Earps 1882

Another chapter in the Earp-Holliday History. The following telegram was received at Marshal Dake’s office this morning.

TOMBSTONE, Dec 29 –Virgil Earp was shot by a concealed assassin last night. The wound is considered fatal. Telegraph me appointment with power to appoint deputies. Local authorities have done nothing. The lives of other citizens have been threatened. WYATT EARP.

For some time, the Earps, Doc Holiday, Tom Fitch and others who upheld and defended the Earps in their late trial have received, almost daily, anonymous letters, warning them to leave town or suffer death, supposed to have been written by friends of the Clanton and McLowry boys, three of whom the Earps and Holliday killed and little attention was paid to them as they were believed to be idle boasts but the shooting of Virgil Earp last night shows that the men were in earnest.

Virgil Earp formerly lived in Prescott and at one time was night watchman. He left Prescott during the Tombstone excitement and has since been a resident of that town.