Harry S.Rosenzweig Sr. Collection-MSS 114


Dates: 1930’s to 1993

Size: 8 boxes, 3 .5 linear feet

Harry Rosenzweig was born in Phoenix, Arizona, July 8, 1907. His parents were both Austrian Immigrants, and during his youth, his father built a profitable jewelry business in downtown Phoenix. His family lived on the same street as the Goldwater family, and Harry’s best friend was young Barry Goldwater. They remained close throughout Harry’s life. He attended the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona. In 1938, Harry married Margaret Burke, with whom he had three children; Burke, Diane, and Harry, Jr. Margaret and Harry divorced, and he later married Arline Petersen Pollack in 1958. He again was remarried to Sandy Rosenzweig in later life. Harry worked in the family jewelry business “Rosenzweig Jewelers” with his brother Newton, and also worked in partnership with him and the Webb Corporation in the development of the Rosenzweig Center. Harry served as Chairman of the Republican State Committee in Arizona, was City Councilman on the first Charter ticket in 1959-54, and was City of Hope Man of the Year in 1964. He was active in the Phoenix Jewish community, serving as President of Temple Beth Israel, and President of the Phoenix Jewish Federation. Rosenzweig also had many community interests such as working in local charities and serving as President of the Sun Angel Foundation at ASU. He was also a charter member of the Phoenix Thunderbirds. (See list of community and business interests on following page.) Harry Rosenzweig died September 28, 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Harry Rosenzweig, Sr. collection consists of the personal, business, and investment records of Harry Rosenzweig, as well as personal and business correspondence. The collection contains documents regarding the Arizona State Republican Committee, Rosenzweig Investment Company, Rosenzweig Jewelers, Isaac Rosenzweig and Sons, Arizona Cancer Center, Del E. Webb Corporation, Barry Goldwater’s political career, cards and letters received on his marriage to Sandy, and telegrams received on his 60th birthday. It also includes Rosenzweig’s award nominations and testimonials for the City of Hope, Phoenix Advertising Club, National Conference of Christians and Jews, and Phoenix Boys Clubs.

Also included in the collection are loose photographs, as well as six photograph albums, all located in the unprocessed photo collection, including: Harry’s 70th birthday party, a western theme party, an album entitled “This is your life” from the 1970s, photos from the Law Society Martin-Marietta Corp. dinner in 1986, descriptions and value of items in his home (possibly compiled for insurance purposes) and an album from Phoenix Boys Clubs Man of the Year dinner in 1975. There are also framed certificates, as well as awards and plaques.


Box 1

  • Folder 1           Leases
  • Folder 2           Life insurance, loans, trusts, deeds, bonds
  • Folder 3           Rosenzweig Investment Company- Harry and Newton Rosenzweig; Gift Deed from Rosa Rosenzweig; stock certificate
  • Folder 4           Isaac and Rosa Rosenzweig- War bonds, personal papers, legal papers, investments
  • Folder 5        Legal Documents- Isaac Rosenzweig & Sons, Central Development Company,Rosa Rosenzweig
  • Folder 6           Isaac Rosenzweig: Lawsuit- Pearl Bullard vs. Goldman, Rosenzweig, Korrick; Bullard Quit Claim Deed
  • Folder 7           Rosenzweig Investment Co.- deeds, mortgages, titles, escrow statements
  • Folder 8           Harry Rosenzweig and Margaret Burke engagement; Rosenzweig Investment Co. (Sciot property); Jackson Perkins Land, papers on home (502 W. Northview); trust for Anna Rosenzweig
  • Folder 9           Harry Rosenzweig personal records: birth certificate, marriage certificates, health records
  • Folder 10         Harry Rosenzweig personal financial records
  • Folder 11         Harry Rosenzweig investments-stocks, bonds, savings

Box 2

  • Folder 1           Certificate of Partnership-North Central Development Company Folder 2 KRK Investment Co.
  • Folder 3           50th Anniversary Better Business Bureau of Maricopa County; newspaper clipping-Newton and Harry Rosenzweig receive award
  • Folder 4           Harry Rosenzweig- Man of the Year
  • Folder 5           The Webb Spinner (Articles on the Rosenzweig Center) Folder 6  Arizona Cancer Center Pamphlet
  • Folder 7           Carrie Finnell postcard
  • Folder 8           Trial heat test among Arizona voters, January 1965. Candidates: Goldwater, S. Udall, M. Udall, Elson, Kleindienst
  • Folder 9           Barry Goldwater postcards
  • Folder 10         Donations- Barry Goldwater for United States Senator Folder 11   Correspondence “A” 1961-1967
  • Folder 12         Correspondence “B” 1958-1967
  • Folder 13         Correspondence “B” cont., 1958-1967
  • Folder 14         Correspondence “C” 1958-1967
  • Folder 15         Correspondence “D” 1958-1967

Box 3

  • Folder 1           Correspondence “E” 1956-1967
  • Folder 2           Correspondence “F” 1962-1967
  • Folder 3           Correspondence “G” 1962-1967
  • Folder 4           Correspondence “H” 1961-1967
  • Folder 5           Arizona State Republican Finance Campaign, Committee
  • Folder 6          Republican State Finance Committee Financial Statements, December 31, 1967
  • Folder 7          Republican State Finance Committee Financial Statements, 1966
  • Folder 8          Newspaper clippings- State Republican Party Folder 9       Arizona Republican Party
  • Folder 10        Republican State Central Committee
  • Folder 11         Republican State Central Committee Financial Statements, 1966 and 1967
  • Folder 12        Letters of recommendation, resumes, requests for employment

Box 4

  • Folder 1           Correspondence- political appointments, Republican Party, 1968-1970
  • Folder 2          Correspondence- political appointments, Republican Party, 1968-1970 cont.
  • Folder 3           Freemasons- award to Harry Rosenzweig; Diane Rosenzweig Kotow- Memorial Service Program
  • Folder 4           Agreement between Arizona State University and the Sun Angel Foundation, inc. (Harry Rosenzweig, President)
  • Folder 5           Correspondence- Mr. And Mrs. Goldwater; Where is Barry Goldwater Today?


  • Folder 6           Correspondence- Barry Goldwater, Harry Rosenzweig, Bert Kruglick, James H. Colter
  • Folder 7           Personal Correspondence- Harry Rosenzweig and Barry Goldwater, August 1966-December 1967
  • Folder 8           Personal Correspondence- Harry Rosenzweig and Barry Goldwater, July 1957July 1966
  • Folder 9           Correspondence- Barry Goldwater to Matheson, Laxalt, Colter, Rosenzweig, Baroody. Personal and confidential.
  • Folder 10         Correspondence- Letter from John F. Goodson to Harry Rosenzweig
  • Folder 11          Newspaper clipping- Mrs. Isaac Rosenzweig
  • Folder 12         Harry Rosenzweig personal accounts transactions, 1984; The Barry Goldwater Chair of American Institutions; Harry’s Jewelry holiday celebration; Arizona Historical Foundation
  • Folder 13         Proposed amendments to the charter of the City of Phoenix, March 1971
  • Folder 14         Correspondence- Harold Eckhart and Harry Rosenzweig, and others. Transcription, 1965.
  • Folder 15         1964 Humanitarian Award presented to Harry Rosenzweig by the City of Hope-Testimonial Dinner Book.
  • Folder 16         Correspondence- Harry Rosenzweig, City of Hope Man of the Year, congratulatory letters

Box 5

  • Folder 1           Sandy and Harry Rosenzweig holiday cards; Harry Rosenzweig, Republican Precinct Committeeman- Walnut, Maricopa County, 1988 and 1990
  • Folder 2           Correspondence- Harry Rosenzweig, Phoenix Advertising Club Man of the Year 1975, recommendations and congratulations; awards dinner program
  • Folder 3           Correspondence- to Harry Rosenzweig, February-April 1977, regarding bad publicity and National Conference of Christians and Jews Awards Dinner honoring Harry and Newton
  • Rosenzweig
  • Folder 4           Correspondence- to Harry Rosenzweig, February to April, 1977 Folder 5 Harry Rosenzweig, Phoenix Advertising Club Man of the Year 1975, recommendations
  • Folder 6           Harry Rosenzweig, Phoenix Advertising Club Man of the Year 1975, recommendations

Box 6

  • Folder 1           Rosenzweig Home: 512 West Flynn Lane- documents and deeds; bills for landscaping, pool, fixtures. architects
  • Folder 2           Harry Rosenzweig speeches
  • Folder 3           Correspondence and congratulatory cards- Harry and Anne Rosenzweig wedding
  • Folder 4         Correspondence and congratulatory cards- Harry and Anne Rosenzweig wedding
  • marriage certificate deed

Harry Rosenzweig birth certificate

  • Folder 5           Harry Rosenzweig memberships and affiliations; press release- Rosenzweig 1966 candidacy for Arizona Republican Party Chairman
  • Folder 6           Harry Rosenzweig-Correspondence: Richard Kleindienst Legal Defense Fund
  • Folder 7           Testimonial speech and article about Harry Rosenzweig; newspaper clippings;
  • menu
  • Folder 8           Phoenix Advertising Club “Man and Woman of the Year”- Harry Rosenzweig nomination form 1969. Includes letters of recommendation and newspaper clippings
  • Folder 9           Original newspaper clippings and original copies- photocopies throughout manuscript collection
  • Folder 10         Philanthropy


  •  Folder 1          Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. A-C
  • Folder 2         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. D-G
  • Folder 3         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. H-L
  • Folder 4         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. M-Q
  • Folder 5         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. R-S
  • Folder 6         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. T-Z
  • Folder 7         Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday telegrams, July 8, 1967. From politicians.
  • Folder 8        Harry Rosenzweig 60th birthday letters. July, 1967
  • Folder 9         Harry Rosenzweig Birthday Cards, Letters, Programs-varied dates

Box 8


  • Folder 1           Air News Magazine. May, 1941


Organizations Rosenzweig was involved with


Business Community

Chairman of the Board Rosenzweig’s Jewelers

Partner (with brother Newton) and the Webb Corp. in the development of the Rosenzweig Center

Vice President of the Better Business Bureau Board of Directors of First Federal Savings

Past President of Arizona Retail Jewelers Association

Past Director and Vice President of the Retail Jewelers of America President of the Arizona Retailers Association


Arizona #2 Free & Accepted Masons El Zaribah Temple of the Shrine

32nd degree Mason Bnai Brith


Public Interest

Chairman Republican State Committee

City Councilman on first charter ticket (l949-54)

Delegate to Republican National Convention 1960-64-68-72 Man of the Year for City of Hope 1964

Member of the Republican National Committee

Community Interests

Past Chairman Maricopa County Heart Drive Past President of the Urban League

Past President of Boys’ Clubs of Phoenix Past Chairman of the Arizona Cancer Drive

Past Chairman of the Multiple Sclerosis Drive

Past Director of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Past Director of the Roosevelt Council Boys Scouts Past President of Blue Cross Association

Past Member of the Fine Arts Association Past Chairman of Muscular Dystrophy


Past President of Temple Beth Israel

Past Chairman of United Jewish Appeal Drives Chairman for Bonds for Israel

Past President of Phoenix Jewish Federation


President of the Sun Angel Foundation Charter Member Phoenix Thunderbirds


Phoenix Country Club Kiva Club

Arizona Club